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Office Administration Education Lecturer Profile

Dr. Hery Sawiji, M.Pd.
Head of Study Program


Welcome to the S1 Study Program of Office Administration Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta.

“To become a Center for the Development of Teacher Training and Educational Science of Information Technology-Based Office Administration of International Reputation Based on the Noble Values of National Culture”.

  1. Organizing education effectively based on the latest developments in science and technology in the field of Office Administration Education.
  2. Carry out research to produce findings that support the implementation of education in order to be able to find various innovations in the field of Office Administration Education.
  3. Carry out community service activities in the field of Office Administration Education that are beneficial to the community.
  1. Produce graduates who have high competence in the LAP field who are ready to become professional educators.
  2. Produce research and development of LAP science that is beneficial to the community.
  3. Increase community service in the LAP field to help solve problems in the community.

Why Choose Office Administration Education Study Program?

Students of the Office Administration Education Study Program at Sebelas Maret University are expected to have competency qualifications in the field of Office Administration and entrepreneurship for educational institutions, government and private / business. In general, students are equipped with basic theoretical and practical abilities which will later support their abilities as teachers/instructors and office administration staff. Whereas in the non-educational field, namely, in Surakarta (in particular) as a city of education and culture, has a relatively close location to Jogjakarta as a city of education and Semarang as a city of commerce and industry in Central Java, Has superior potential in the field of education and the profession of Administration / entrepreneurship .

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